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Dr.Vimee Bindra Provides Comprehensive Health Care for Women with individualised approach. Each woman will be given one to one care and their doubts will be clarified with scientific evidence. We promise to provide you with best of state of the art surgical procedures (minimally invasive, laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, uro-gynaecology, gynaec oncology, infertility enhancing surgeries) and with quick return to daily activities. We truly believe in making your journey to Parenthood, a memorable experience for you with Cradle facility.


Meet Our Dr.Vimee

Dr Vimee Bindra is a Renowned Gynaecologist and Obstetrician in Hyderabad and is a Consultant in Apollo Group of Hospitals, Hyderabad

Patients Speak

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    Though we came in the last month to you but still the memories/experience we had is unforgettable! Apollo Cradle might give a place to 'Delivery' but the 'Joy' is brought by Doctors like you. One should learn from you the 'beauty' and 'passion' of being into this profession. Thorough professional, patience, calmness, confidence and a good friend off course that every women(mother) would like to see in her Doctor is all what you have. May you get the highest reward for your services delivered to the people. Apart from that you are a wonderful human being and among one of the precious gems Apollo has!!! Thank you very much for your support! Adeeba & Arshad ------------------------------------------------- Doctors in this period of time lost the aim of being into this profession and known to create a good scary script for their patients. They are now treating patients as a customer to make good money. I must say to all such doctors to fear the one who created all of us. We would like to request 'Dr. Vimee Bindra' to kindly conduct some sessions to the upcoming/junior doctors and make them aware about the value of this profession. This is not just a profession to make money, it must be to serve someone who is in pain :) We're glad and proud that we have doctors like Vimee in our society! There is no question of recommending her, she is the BEST among all. I'll not leave thanking the one who referred us to you and that's our close friend 'Bushra'

    Mrs Adeeba and Arshad,

  • Mrs Ashita Sugandhi

    It was a beautiful nine months journey of my first pregnancy with Dr.Vimee Bindra, who made my journey a happy and fruitful ending and i got delivered with a beautiful cute little baby boy. Dr.Vimee Bindra is an Energetic and Enthusiastic doc. who supported in every aspect during my pregnancy. She is very friendly and spares time for me and always ready to clarify even a small query that i used to ask her despite of her busy schedule. She was always available for me at any hour. I would like to deliver my second baby also in her safe hands. She made me comfortable during my pregnancy period and i strongly recommend my family and colleagues to happily consult Dr.vimee Bindra. Thank you very much for all your support.

    Mrs Ashita Sugandhi,

  • Garima

    The most amazing doctor. We were running short of options when we just landed at the hospital and booked an appointment looking at the facility. We struck Gold :) .. A Gem of a person and exceptional doctor always giving time and great understanding. Always wearing a smile on the face ensuring that the first timers like us get out of the hesitations and waiting for doctors to speak. We felt so much at peace we could ask her all our problems and she would always with a smile have the simplest ways to explain and get us to understand. A definite recommend to all family and friends with no doubts. Thanks Doc as always keep up the good work 3 cheers!! And thanks again for the Chocolate you kept your word!! :D We Will meet soon !!!


  • Mrs Judith

    Have been consulting Dr. Bindra for about 8 months during and post my wife's pregnancy and have been came assured after every consultation. All our queries were handled in a very friendly and professional manner and were never had to worry about anything. The delivery was super smooth and almost without breaking a sweat. Will highly recommend Dr. Bindra for anything related.

    Mrs Judith,

  • Mrs Alekhya

    We develpoed a good rapport with Dr.Vimee Bindra right from the start. We could openly discuss any issue with her and felt like we are in safe hands. Right from conception to delivery, she has been very supportive. Extremely knowledgeable, excellent surgeon, and a very responsible doctor who can handle any complication with ease. Overall we had a wonderful experience.

    Mrs Alekhya,

  • Mrs Anushree and Mr Manab

    We would like to sincerely thank you for all your time & effort in our journey towards parenthood. From day one, its your constant support that has made the years of treatment go by like a breeze. You have been available for consult always even during night and have answered even the silliest of our concern with a smiling disposition; and now when we hold our little girl, we cannot thank you enough. Apollo group should be proud to have doctors like you in their team. Our best wishes.

    Mrs Anushree and Mr Manab,

  • Drvimeebindra Mrs Navneet and Param

    Dr Vimee Bindra was my consultant through out my pregnancy.My pregnancy was very smooth due to her guidance and support. I had a C sec and was able to walk around the very next day. This shows her skills and finesse with which she did my surgery.I had no pain or discomfort contrary to what I had been told about having C sec by my friends.It was the most joyful journey with Dr Vimee. I am blessed with a daughter who too was born hale & hearty.Whenever in doubt no matter what time,I used to call or message her and all my queries were answered in no time.Her availability 24*7 gave me a sense of confidence that in case of emergency I have a trustworthy doctor to rely upon.She has been much more than a doctor to me.She has been my therapist, supporter, friend, well wisher and an angel in disguise. Even today whenever I am in need the only person I can think of is her. God bless her with abundance success. She is one doctor who is not only true to her profession but is putting great efforts for the humanity.The moment you enter her room she welcomes you with a smile, she never looks tired or irritated no matter how long is the list of your question. Her smile makes you forget your pains and worries. The way she communicates ,it ensures ,you are in safe hands. She listens to you so patiently irrespective of her hectic schedule.I still remember sometimes my visits with her were scheduled immediately after she used to come out from OT ,I would never see a single spec of tiredness on her face. Never made me wait for my visits.Thank you so much Dr Vimee .I can't express my feelings in words.I strongly recommend her to everyone. Once you consult her I am sure you will feel the difference and will be able to relate to what I am saying through my lines. Best of luck Ma'am!

    Mrs Navneet and Param,