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Dr.Vimee Bindra Provides Comprehensive Health Care for Women with individualised approach. Each woman will be given one to one care and their doubts will be clarified with scientific evidence. We promise to provide you with best of state of the art surgical procedures (minimally invasive, laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, uro-gynaecology, gynaec oncology, infertility enhancing surgeries) and with quick return to daily activities. We truly believe in making your journey to Parenthood, a memorable experience for you with Cradle facility.


Meet Our Dr.Vimee

Dr Vimee Bindra is a Renowned Gynaecologist and Obstetrician in Hyderabad and is a Consultant in Apollo Group of Hospitals, Hyderabad

Patients Speak

  • Happy Patients _ Dr.vimee

    A big thanks to our doctor Dr Vimee Bindra. Thanks for being there and being patient to hear all our questions and understanding us and providing support throughout my pregnancy. We will miss you mam.thanks a lot mam

    Mrs Maria Garapati,

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    To make long story short, I am happy with the results of my surgery; And here is why I decided to have this surgery. I was just a child as old as 9 years, when my parents decide to give a circumcision. There are two circumcisions: 1) Sunni is when they touch the tip of the clitoris and leave everything else they way they are. 2) Firconi is when they completely remove the clitoris and close up the two lips of the female part using: myrrh, stitching or using needles from some the plants. My circumcision was used the myrrh. That myrrh created a swelling bump within my vagina and it was not pretty. After meeting with Dr Vimee Bindra and discussed with her my situation, she gave me options and surgery was one of the options. I decided to have the surgery because I have stuck this swelling bump so long, and that was it for me. Since the surgery is done, I am happy with the results. I thank to Dr Vimee Bindra for giving me the opportunity to put smile on my face that I hadn't for the past 20 years. Dr Vimee Bindra is an awesome Doctor who cares the wellbeing and the happiness of her patients. She is very determined to give her patients the results that they are expecting from their treatments. I am one of those patients today who achieved her goal of happiness. Thanks to Dr Vimee Bindra because she is the reason why I can't stop smiling.

    Ms Faisa Mohamed,

  • Happy Patients _ Dr.vimee

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr Vimee Bindra for all of her work. You expressed the excellent communication to us and the way that you received U.S. And show very good way of understanding and explanation. She has excellent character and pleasant personality. We feel she has outstanding professional and surgical skills. We were very comfortable discussing our case with her and her way of following the patient post-operatively was excellent. I strongly recommend all patients to come and consult her. She is one of the best consultants in Apollo Hospitals. I wish her all the best. Thanks again Dr Vimee and if it happens in future I will come to see u to say hello to you. Good Luck

    Mrs.Atia Saed Abdullah, Oman,

  • Happy Patients _ Dr.vimee

    I came to India for my treatment, I met two three doctors but was not satisfied then I met Dr Vimee Bindra at Apollo Hospital and I was fully satisfied with her treatment. She took good care of me and I was very happy with her treatment. I would recommend her to others as well. May god bless her always

    Bisharo Ahmed, Somalia,

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    First, I thank god for the favour of my health. Then, I would like to offer my great thanks for doctor Vimee Bindra for her efforts and continous care for my problem. All the thanks for you to give me confidence and hope to recover from the disease.

    Ms.Sara Oman,

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    "I am 41yrs old, had large fibroid of 15cm x 14cm size. Dr. Vimee Bindra has been very honest from the beginning about my condition. She is a great surgeon, did hysterectomy surgery for me to remove fibroid without any complications and able to discharge in 4 days, started feeling very good in few hours after the surgery. Dr. Vimee Bindra is always reachable to answer all our questions. It was very pleasant experience working with her and I recommend everyone to contact her as she is proficient in her job as gynaecologist and obstetrician. Thank you again to Dr. Vimee Bindra and entire team for the great relief given to me and my family. -

    Mrs Aruna,

  • IMG-20150629-WA0004

    I am Hafsa Ali Noor, from Somalia. I am one of the patients of Dr Vimee Bindra, she did my cesarean section. She is very kind and very helpful. Thanks Dr for your good surgery and I would recommend all Somalians to connect with her for gynaec and obstetric problems. Thanks a lot Mrs Hafsa Ali Noo

    Mrs Hafsa Ali Noo,